Parter with a FedRAMP Government Certified Data Center Service Provider

Government and the public sector face growing pressure to implement cost-effective strategies that mitigate risks associated with protecting, managing, and accessing critical information. At Middletown Data Center, we specialize in providing tailored data center services specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of government agencies and the public sector.

Tailored Solutions for Government Operations

Our focus is on delivering seamless data management and security solutions that address the unique challenges faced by government entities. With a steadfast commitment to confidentiality, reliability, and scalability, we serve as a trusted partner in bolstering government operations through resilient data infrastructure.

Government agencies handle a vast array of sensitive information, from citizen records to national security data. Understanding the intricacies of the public sector, we offer bespoke data center solutions aimed at enhancing government operations. Our infrastructure is fortified with robust security measures and compliance protocols to safeguard critical information while ensuring seamless data access and management.

Government Agency IT Infrastructure Needs:

•    Secure Storage of Sensitive Information  
•    Efficient Data Management and Accessibility
•    Support for E-Government Initiatives
•    Data-Driven Decision Making 

Key features of our solutions include

Enhanced Security Measures:  

We prioritize security, incorporating state-of-the-art facilities equipped with multi-layered security protocols, biometric access controls, closed-circuit surveillance systems, and sophisticated mantrap systems. Our stringent measures safeguard government data against unauthorized access and potential breaches. 

Reliability and Continuity: 

Government operations demand uninterrupted services. Our service level agreements guarantee uptime and availability of 99.999%,  backed by redundancy systems such as uninterruptible natural gas fuel sources, UPS systems, diverse fiber routes, and robust cooling infrastructure. 2N electrical and N+1 mechanical redundancy.


As government initiatives evolve and data requirements expand, our scalable solutions adapt to meet the growing demands of public sector operations. From accommodating increased storage needs to integrating emerging technologies, our infrastructure scales seamlessly to support evolving data landscapes. 


We adhere to stringent government regulations and compliance standards, including FISMA, FedRAMP, and other industry-specific guidelines, ensuring our services meet regulatory requirements. 

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Planning: 

Our Disaster Recovery/Continuity of Operations Program (COOP) implements comprehensive strategies for data availability and business continuity, including energy independence, disaster recovery workstations, diesel fuel storage, and fire suppression systems. Discover why Middletown Data Center is the right choice for your government and public sector needs.

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