Technical Specifications

Middletown Data Center Virginia

Technical Specifications of Middletown Data Center

  • 43,416 sq ft data center space with 24” raised floor, 11’+ ceiling heights.
  • 14MW total power
  • 10MW critical IT load
  • 7 diverse fiber routes 
  • 2 separate and diverse POP rooms eliminating single points of failures


  • 14MW Total Power (10MW critical IT load)
  • Three separate and diversly routed independent utility feeds to the site with Kirk key interlocks.
  • On site 34.5 KV main protection gear connects to 7 MV switches and distributes to 6 34.5KV to 480V transformers each feeding primary power to independent PDC’s.
  • The configuration allows for total separation and isolation, eliminating single points of failure for all units. 
Middletown Data Center Virginia
Middletown Data Center Virginia


6 x CAT G3520s 2465 KW continuous rated natural gas gensets (1,800 hours per engine per year permit to maximize and drive energy efficiency) 1 x 1500kW Diesel Generator (2N+1 support for DH 3,4,5,6 + base building) equipped with dual purpose CAM connection cabinets. Allowing for load bank testing of each genset, and use of portables as available for maintenance etc. All seven (7) generators have full capacity cabinets installed with a second on the reserve skid allowing for additional flexibility


  • 11 high-efficiency chillers running closed loop non-evaporative cooling with CRAH units. 
  • Mechanical cooling systems are 2N and separated for each data hall. 
  • System is closed loop 30% glycol mix no requirement for make-up water. DH 1A, 1B and 2 also have 2 separate cooling loops installed in each allowing for loop piping maintenance.
  • Cooling is provided by a mixture of CRAH (DH 3,5 MMR 1) and CRAC units (DH 4) at N+2, chiller N+2, pumps N+2, electrical incoming 2N+1 to new STS, UPS N+2.
Middletown Data Center Virginia
Middletown Data Center Virginia

Building Management

State-of-the-art BMS-SCADA system. All internal systems are 100% autonomous, BMS, electrical automation, mechanical isolation, security and telephone have independent ring networks that are not interconnected and have no internet connectivity. This allows for multiple levels of protection and isolation from intrusion attempts.

Security & Compliance

  • State of the art Communication System
  • Closed-circuit security surveillance system
  • Sophisticated Mantrap
  • Increased security through card readers with biometric capabilities.
  • Industry-standard Compliance including ISO 27001, Soc 1 Type 2, ANSI/TIA-942-B
Middletown Data Center Virginia
Middletown Data Center Virginia


  • Shentel (North + South), Verizon (North + South) and Comcast currently on site.
  • Cox has routes available
  • Shentel to Equinix Ashburn latency is less than 10msec.
  • Seven (7) diverse routes built into site for future connectivity upgrades/diversification. 
  • Two (2) separate and diverse meet-me rooms. Lit and Dark Fiber with Route(s) to Ashburn available.

Fire Protection and Suppression

  • Smoke / Air Particle detectors. Dual interlock 
  • Pre-Action systems, FM200 in each PDC
Middletown Data Center Virginia
Middletown Data Center Virginia

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • (8)1000kW UPS 
  • (2) 500kW UPS
  • (3) 450kW UPS


Middletown Data Center is in compliance with all DOD directive 85000.01 and 85000.2. 

This includes DOD 8570.01-M requirements for operating and security systems certifications

Additional Certifications:

  • ANSI/TIA-942-B Level 3 / ISO27001 / SOC 1, Level 2
  • ASHRAE TC9.9 Humidity Stability Compliant facility
  • UL 96A Lightning Protection Certified
Middletown Data Center Virginia