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Our growing library of whitepapers will help you make informed decisions about your digital transformation strategy. This section provides insights into the reliability and benefits of using natural gas as a fuel source for backup power in data centers, featuring perspectives from industry leaders such as Generac, JIESA, Burns & McDonnell, Black & Veatch and Ameresco.

Understanding natural gas fuel reliability for backup power - Generac 

Backup power generation compared to the traditional dominance of diesel-fueled generators with the rising viability and benefits of natural gas alternatives, considering factors such as reliability, regulatory requirements and environmental considerations.

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Natural Reliable Engery - JIESA 

This report highlights the substantial costs of power outages to businesses and explores the growing interest in backup generators for reliable power, examining the costs, benefits and reliability of various backup system configurations.

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Natural Gas Smart Choice Data Center Backup Power - Burns & McDonnell

Addressing a common misconception regarding the vulnerability of natural gas pipelines during seismic events, the paper showcases smart pipeline design as evidence to debunk this myth, affirming the reliability of natural gas as a fuel source for backup power systems.

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Powering Data Centers with Natural Gas - Black & Veatch

Data centers are experiencing exponential growth in size and complexity, accompanied by soaring power demands, emphasizing the need for resilient and sustainable power solutions to maintain uninterrupted operations.

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Driving Resiliency Through You Organization's Energy Infrastructure - Ameresco

This whitepaper explores how organizations can leverage their energy infrastructure to enhance resilience against the increasing risks posed by climate change and major weather events.

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